West Maui – Sites2See

Olowalu- Petroglyphs2

Olowalu Petroglyphs

This authentic etching and several more can be found up high on a solid rock wall just behind the Olowalu General Store. Look for the water tank and drive on the dirt road about a mile in. It will be on the right side.

Location: Honoapiilani Highway #30, mile marker post #15.



Lahaina Eagle-1

The Eagle of Lahaina

Do you see it! If not, set your eyes on the center of this picture look at the brown area in the center,  there it is, an image of an Eagle with its wings spread out as if in flight. Can you see it?

Location: Honoapiilani Highway #30,  mile marker post #11.



Dragon's Teeth Formation

Dragon’s Teeth Rock Formation

On the base of The Ritz Carlton Kapalua Resort, at the bottom of the golf course lies this unique rock formation. It is the result of the last lava flow, as it crawled to the ocean, with fierce waves and strong winds that hardened the lava in an upward motion creating jagged points of rock that resemble teeth-like of a dragon.

Location: Honoapiilani Highway #30, mile marker #30. Turn left off of Honoapiilani Highway and drive about one mile down pass the Honolua General Store, Bank and Restaurant until you come to a stop sign. Then turn right and you will now be in a little parking lot that is open to the public. Park your car and walk down about 10 minutes toward the ocean, alongside of the Kapalua Golf Course you will then come to this awesome site2see.



The Labyrinth Maze

  The 360° Labyrinth Maze

Be amazed to find this maze about 20 yards to the left, in the same area as the Dragon’s Teeth. I have talked with a groundskeeper, Adolpho, who has worked for the Ritz Carlton Kapalua Resort for over 20 years. He told me that the maze was already there when he first started and no one takes care of it, it takes care of itself. I asked him if I could walk in it and he said, “Yes mum, everybody does. But be careful once you enter you must finish it to the end because bad luck will come to you if you don’t.” He went on to say that he watched a lady enter the maze and then she gave up for whatever reason and later he found out that she had tripped and broke her pinky toe. A small boy was running in and out of the maze and later an ambulance came onto the grounds to treat him for a split lip. I thanked Adolpho for all of his helpful information and then I decided to enter the maze myself. It took me 1,136 normal walking steps to finish it. As I stepped out of the maze I felt really good with a sense of pride and at peace for completing it.



Honolua Bay Reserve

Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is part of a Marine Life Conservation District, so there is no fishing or taking of any natural resources including marine life, shells and even rocks. This bay is excellent for snorkeling on the west side (left) because of it abundant marine life and varieties of coral. The east side (right), at the end point is considered more for surfing especially during the winter months when wave conditions are excellent.

Location: Honoapi`ilani Highway #30, mile marker #32.