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Haleakala- House of the Rising Sun

Majestic is this dormant volcano known as Haleakala. It stands from sea level to the very top about 10,023 feet high. It is well known from on top for witnessing the dawning of  each beautiful new day. It is equally as beautiful to watch the sunset as it signifies the closing of the day and greets the starlight, starbright night. This picture is taken from the Maalaea Boat Harbor.

Location: Haleakala Highway #37 onto Crater Road Highway #378, a total of 38 miles to reach the summit.



LepoLepo Fishpond

Ko `ie`ie  aka  Kalepolepo Fishpond

This ancient fishpond is estimated at an area of about 3 miles.It is said to have been built by menehunes, legendary little people that possessed extraordinary strength. The purpose of this fishpond was to gather the best fish of moi, `anae (mullet), and `awa (milkfish), for the Ali`i  or Hawaii’s monarchy to consume. It is now being restored through the efforts of a non-profit organization called Ao `ao O Na Loko I`a O Maui.

Location: Off of North Kihei Highway #310, onto South Kihei Road along the coastline at mile marker #  .



La Perouse Lava flow

La Perouse Lava Flow

This picture shows the pathway and remains of the last lava flow from centuries ago, with Ulupalakua district in the background.

Location: State Highway #31,along side the bumpy road to La Perouse Bay



Makena Fish&Game Sanctuary

‘Ahihi Kina’u Natural Reserve

This is a marine life conservation district where NO FISHING is allowed. It is located on the south side of maui along the coast about half a mile past Makena’s Big Beach.

Location: Makena Road- State Highway #31. NO mile marker #.



La Perrouse Bay-Makena

Keone`o`io Bay aka La Perouse Bay

La Perouse bay is located at the end of State Highway #31, onto the historical trail or pathway of King Hoapili, also known as “The King’s Trail” about three miles until the dead end. This bay also lies within the `Ahihi Kina`u Natural Reserve area which is highly protected by State Law. It is serviced through the Department of Land & Natural Resources through the Division of Forestry & Wildlife.

NOTE: These rules are enforced by the Department of Land and Natural Resources and violations are punishable by fines and possible jail time.

The complete and official rules may be viewed on the DLNR website.

  • No fishing or fishing equipment of any kind. To even possess fishing gear within the Reserve is a violation.
  • No collecting, picking, or taking marine life including but not limited to fish, shellfish (including opihi or limpets), and wana (urchins).
  • No collecting or taking of shells, coral, and lava rock.
  • No hiking on the lava.
  • No camping, no hunting, and no fires.
  • Stay on official, designated trails and roadways and do not disturb archaeological sites.
  • Do not bring plants or animals into the Reserve, including dogs.
  • Stay out of and don’t put anything in the anchialine pools.
  • Leave the lava alone. Don’t take it or move it around.
  • No motorized boats or other vessels within the marine boundary of ½ mile offshore.






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