East Maui – Sites2See



 The East Maui Coastline

Pictured is the many cliffs along the coastline of East Maui. The road is long and winding, and some areas are narrow but since the year of 2000 it has been paved so use extreme caution if and when attempting to drive it. Note: If your vehicle is suddenly approached from behind and you are being followed at a very close space, please give common courtesy and let those vehicles pass because with no doubt they are residents who live on that side of the island and are on a timed and busy schedule.

Location: Hana Highway #360.



Keopuka Island

Keopuka Island

This picture shows a view of Keopuka Island which was used in the opening scene of the first Jurassic Park Movie. Mahalo and compliments to the Garden of Eden Arboretum & Botanical Garden because this view can only be seen from on top of their property.

Location: Hana Highway #360,  between mile marker #10 and #11.

Pohakumoa Waterfall

Pohakumoa Falls

This picture of Pohakumoa falls can also only be seen from taking a walk through the beautiful, lush gardens and well kept paths from on top the Garden of Eden Arboretum & Botanical Garden property.

Location: Hana Highway #360, between mile marker #10 and #11.



Sunrise over The Keanae Peninsula

The Keanae Peninsula

Are you an early riser? If so, this is one of the natural beautiful sites2see  as the early morning sun rises over the Keanae Peninsula, located on the East side of Maui.

Location: Hana Highway #360, mile marker #17.




  Keanae Boat Landing

In the days of old, this once was a boat landing where goods were brought in by boat because the road conditions were so severe that it took twice as long. Today, it is a popular place for swimming amongst the residents.

Location: Hana Highway #360, mile marker #17.



Bird Island1

Bird Island at Keanae Peninsula

In 1973, this was the “on location” sight that was used at the end of the movie “Papillion”. Starring Steve McQueen, as he counts the seventh wave and  jumps off the cliffs of Devil’s Island then floats away on a raft that  he made of coconuts and successfully escapes from life in prison.

Based on a true story.

Location: Hana Highway #360, mile marker #17.

Keanae School

Keanae School

Up until 2005, this was the smallest school in operation within all of the United States but since then had to close down  due to the  lack of funding and student enrollment. Then in 2011, it has been proposed and in the making to open as a charter school by the name of Ka Waianu O Haloa.

Location of site: Hana Highway #360 at mile marker #15.


Taro patches in Wailua, Keanae

Pictured above is taro patches and the different stages of which taro is grown. The Taro plant in its entirety is edible. It is a tropical plant primarily grown as a root vegetable for its starchy corm that can be pounded or grinded into poi, which was once the main staple food for the hawaiians in the olden days, or it can boiled and eaten like a potato. Its leaf, the flower and stem are cooked as a vegetable or side dish and can be garnished with beef, pork, squid, etc. to make a delicious entree.

Location: Hana Highway #360 about 1/4 of mile from Keanae School towards Hana town direction.

           Shark IslandWailua Iki

               Shark Island                                              Wailua Iki

The two pictures above are taken from my backyard at our home in Wailua, Keanae. Sorry, they are not accessible to the public!